Soul Sister Creative & New Moon Play Dates



When my soul sister Bec and I started our Full Moon Circles in Townsville earlier this year, we found ourselves floating in a sea of love-soaked connection and a community of divine goddesses who had been craving such a space to really express themselves. And holding this space has been, without a doubt, the most elevating yet grounding part of my year so far. It has taught me the true power of vulnerability and sisterhood, and has allowed me to let go of so much undesired 'baggage', making space for new emotions I had lost connection with. And on top of all that - boy, has it been so much bloody fun!


Getting together with these awesome women in the flesh, and collectively sharing our love and energy with the room absolutely lights me up. I just want to do events all day, erry day! And so Bec and I decided to make this soulful collaboration official, with a new name and a new event on the way!

Introducing... Soul Sister Creative!


A collaboration designed to bring inspiring, heart-centred workshops to Townsville that ooze femininity, vulnerability, creativity and connection. Workshops that demand you be your truest and most authentic self, all whilst feeling support and love from your Soul Sister Creative goddesses. Planned in accordance with the moon cycles, each workshop is designed to reconnect you with your own power and assist you in strengthening your relationship with yourself, as you harness the energy of the universe to assist and guide you. Surrendering to the power and energy of the moon is only the beginning; it's about knowing the power that surrounds you and using it to re-ignite your own with strength, courage and reverence. Acknowledging the goddess within all of us and letting her shine oh so bright!




And so, with that I announce our new workshop:


Soul Sister Creative New Moon Play Dates!


Held on the day of the new moon, these play dates will be exactly that - an opportunity to release your creativity through play, art, and good old fashioned fun! The new moon is a time to set clear intentions and plant the seeds for what you wish to create moving forward. The New Moon Play Dates will give you the time, space and tools you need to ground yourself in this new moon energy, visualise your intention and use your creativity to help bring it to life.


Think vision boarding, body painting, art, jewellery making, craft, dance, yoga - the works! There really is no limit on the amount of fun we can have!! 


I'm so excited to bring this new workshop to life and embark on the new moon cycle with likeminded, gorgeous women that I can really connect with and support in the flesh. If this event sounds like your kind of jam, check out the event page here. All attendees to Soul Sister Creative events are also invited to join our Soul Sister Creative Facebook page in order to stay connected to their new soul sisters and continue feeding off the incredible energy that these groups bring to life.


If you are a Townsville babe, I hope I have the opportunity to welcome you to one of these events and share this big vision with you in the flesh. I can honestly say that the women I have met on this Soul Sister Creative journey so far have touched my heart in an incredible way and I consider to be beautiful new friends, and I would love for you to experience this journey with us.


Big love,


Tara xx