If you struggle sticking to your rituals or asking for help, read this..

I'm going to cut right to the chase here, with the most important message you need to hear today (that you may not even realise you need to hear)..

Relying on support, rituals or tools on a daily basis (to keep you sane, functioning and thriving) is not a weakness!!

Here’s the thing..

For some reason, our society has fallen into the trap of thinking that we must do everything on our own, with no help what so ever from other people, rituals, practices or resources. It’s like we carry this belief that if we have to rely on help from someone or something, then we are less than.. That we are weak or inferior or missing a component of what it means to be human. Because, everybody else is totally capable of it all and balances their life out perfectly, right?!


We are not, and have never, been built to do everything on our own, without guidance, support or even tools to help us get by. We come from tribes, villages, large communities where everybody helped everybody and rituals and ceremonies provided the emotional and spiritual support we needed to not just survive each day, but thrive in the way that was of most service to ourselves, the community and mother nature.

Yet here we are in 2016, and women all around me are mirroring a belief that once ran wild in my mind like a nightmare not all that long ago.. That to rely on a daily ritual, a routine, a tool, a structure or even a simple daily practice - is somehow cheating, or a symbol of just how hopeless, weak and incapable we are.


Women of the world (and men for that matter) - please, please, please - tell this limiting belief of yours to fuck right off!

Because your willingness, openness and eagerness to receive support, guidance and assistance in any way - be it in the form of a coach, nutritional tool, meditation practice, morning ritual, or even some non-negotiable deep breaths before you start the day - is actually your SUPER POWER!!

It connects you in with your highest self. It gives you an open, unobstructed channel through which your very best self can communicate with you and lead you towards everything you have ever wanted and required. It ensures that you thrive, so that you can help others and the world to thrive. Because if you’re just surviving, then what hope does that leave for the rest of us?

There are no prizes at the end of your life for getting through it alone and unsupported. You do not get a medal for struggling through life, or a badge that says “I win because I was stubborn and tried to do it all on my own". Not only is that down right ridiculous, but it’s fucking irresponsible.

There are people out there that need you. Some you may love and know, others you may never have even met. There is a world out there that needs you. There are causes, ideas, projects, gifts, relationships, dreams - that need you to quit using that ‘weakness’ excuse so you can actually start being an engaged participant in this life in the way the universe needs you to be.

All of these thoughts around rituals, tools and help being a weakness is all EGO, trying to keep you playing small and consequently sabotaging your growth and contribution to this world. The best of the best at anything will tell you that they couldn’t have done any of it without their team, coaches, support, tools, daily practices and every other non-negotiable they have set in their life to keep them sane, on track and aligned with what matters most.

I challenge you to show me one woman out there who has opened herself up to receiving and welcoming guidance and support, showed up every day for her rituals, practices and tools designed to help her, and has not succeeded in her goals!!

So consider this my invitation to QUIT COLD TURKEY! Quit the excuses, quit the destructive belief that relying on help in any form somehow makes you weak, and quit being a victim!

There is so much out there trying to help you live your best fucking life - it’s time for you to open your eyes and start letting it in, showing up for it and claiming it as your superpower! Start by choosing just ONE THING, one non-negotiable that you will swear to live by and do every single day without fail, to keep you filled up from the inside and connected to who you truly know you are and can be. And then show up for that one thing, without fail, every single day like your life depends on it. Because guess what… It does.

So whether it’s meditation, sharing what you’re grateful for around the dinner table, saying yes to that new eating program, going for that walk everyday, watching that sunset, taking three deep breaths whilst driving, listening to those podcasts, journalling, seeking out that coach, asking that other mum for advice, telling that person that you love them… Whatever it is for you, that keeps you sane, empowered, connected and thriving - COMMIT TO IT AND DO IT!

Because if you won’t do it for yourself, then no-one can do it for you. You are the only hope you have, and it’s your responsibility to show up for you. It’s as simple as that. I can keep you accountable and I can call you on your bullshit - but I can not do your push ups for you.

So START NOW - tell me - what is one non-negotiable ritual, tool, practice or commitment you are going to make from now on wards, to do every single day?

Tell me in the comments and LET’S DO THIS. Time is ticking, and you won’t get this time back. Right now is all you have. GO!

Big love,

T x