Summer Lovin' Coaching Offer

Slide1 One of the things that I love the most about coaching is the type of women that the universe brings into my life. When I began coaching, I didn't realise how strong of a connection I would feel with each of these women, who each in their own way represent such a huge part of my own journey, growth and experiences.

Not only are we kicking goals around nourishment and mindfulness, but these women are daring, courageous and bursting with big, bold, beautiful dreams and we are having an absolute ball bringing them to life. I am even helping one of my clients plan her dream holiday around the world right now, and it is pretty unbelievable to see so many of my passions come together to help women live fucking amazing lives!


As you would have read in my post yesterday, I have really devoted all my energy to my loving clients over the last month, and the one on one connection has not only been a saving grace to me, but also an absolute blast! So in the spirit of giving generously to the very people that lift me up, I am offering a very special coaching offer to those who may find themselves often going through their own bouts of resistance, anxiety or just plain 'blah-ness', and have been 'umming' and 'ahhing' about whether or not to take the leap into having a coach of their own. For the next month, I am offering 2 coaching sessions with me, as well as unlimited email communication between, for a heavily discounted $149. Because as this year begins to wrap up and summer draws near, I want to infuse my own life with as much connection, laughs, a-ha moments and shrieks of joy, by giving the exact same thing to those who want to kick summer off in the exact same way.


To get on board, shoot me an email at or head to my coaching page to learn more and book a free 20 min consultation.

Here's to a joyful, heart-opening, mind-blowing rest of 2014! Big love xx