The Experiment: ‘Truth & Dare’ Part 1 // What it means to be daring


To be daring is not to speed through a yellow traffic light or jump from tall buildings. Nor is it to strip naked amongst strangers or take a shot of who know’s what. No...


To be daring is to give yourself permission to explore parts of yourself that challenge every one of your beliefs, your perceptions and your truths, and be prepared to move through levels of discomfort, hardship and complete surrender in order to once again open a door into a part of living that you never knew existed.

To be daring is to let curiosity lead you in a state of wonder and awe, as you lovingly show gratitude to the fears that once showed you the way.


To be daring is to let your soul stand naked in front of yourself and stare back with loving eyes and a gentle smile.


To be daring is to constantly live on life’s edge, without a safety net and no desire to turn back.


And if there is one thing that I know to be true, it is that every soul on this planet has the desire to feel daring. Be it in their career, relationships, spirituality, health or in their quest for meaning and purpose; each soul who yearns to live also yearns to be daring in equal measure.


To be daring, is essentially to live. To really, really live!



It is for this very reason that I created the eBook, ‘The Experiment’. A month long collection of daily dares, each carefully designed to infuse your life with the daring spirit you so long for.


Dares which help you detach from the safety net we each create for ourselves and move towards the edge of life where all the magic happens. Dares which strengthen your connection to adventure and curiosity, as you experiment with experiences of the soul.


In the lead up to her daring release next week, I wanted to shower you with a series of posts over the next five days that whet your daring appetite and not only test your commitment to your daring self, but that also cast a light over parts of your life where you never thought to be daring. Parts of your life where you may be playing small, because you simply did not know any other way. Parts of your life where infusing it with a little experimentation, curiosity and a daring attitude may just be the very thing to change your whole life.


So let’s get started with an area that I have no doubt every one on this planet can relate to – PROCRASTINATION.



As I sat in the park with a beautiful friend of mine one afternoon, we chatted all things daring and inspiring. And amongst it all was conversation around bringing big dreams to life, grand intentions and the dreaded plague that is procrastination. Where the sweetest of intention meets a road block of great heights, and dreams risk getting swallowed up in the stagnant energy. And in our discussions, she reminded me of a very potent truthbomb:


Truth: When it comes to doing the work; you are either doing it or you’re not.


Procrastination might be the term you choose to use to let yourself off the hook and place the blame on something else as to why things aren’t quite happening for you right now. However, when it comes down to it, there is no grey area in which you can stay safe and warm. There is no refuge between where you are now and where you want to be, where you can maintain your daring identity yet stay stagnant and sheltered from risk and uncertainty.


You are either doing the work, or you’re not.


You are either daring, or you’re not.


So I invite you to take a look at your own life right now and identify where procrastination is ‘preventing’ you from doing the work. And then I want you to get real with yourself.


You might have these grand intentions, talk about bringing your dreams to life or be constantly thinking about doing the work and making it happen; but when you strip back all the bullshit and the empty promises, the only thing that you know to be true in this moment, is that intentions, promises and talking about it means nothing.


Without ACTION, your dream is worth no more than your desire to eat pancakes for breakfast.


Without ACTION, your intention is nothing but a fiction story.


Without ACTION, your commitment to the work has no credibility.


So in case you didn’t hear me the first time, I’m going to say it again so that this can really sink in on this glorious Monday (which is always a good day to start doing the work in my opinion):


You are either doing the work, or you’re not.


Be brave and bite the bullet.


Dare to take action.


Quit talking about it. Quit thinking about it.


And just fucking do it already.


Do you dare?



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Your life. Your Experiment. It all starts now.