The Experiment: ‘Truth & Dare’ Part 2 // The most daring adventure of them all


Yesterday I kicked off a week like no other here on Feed Me; a 5 day series of ‘Truth & Dare” posts in the lead up to next week’s release of my much awaited eBook “The Experiment” (click here to get familiar with yesterday’s post and dare!). And I dare say that yesterday many of you would have either been left feeling rather inspired to make shit happen, or hiding behind your screen with a million excuses. Which leads me to today’s truth bomb, which you really need to hear:


Truth: Stop running. Stop hiding from the truth. Ditch the blame game, step up, and be accountable. It’s your truth, whether you like it or not.


Consider yourself a daring individual who loves to take a risk or embrace change? I hear ya. But you know that’s the easy part right?


What about all the stuff you’re running away from?


What about the truth you’re so desperately trying to cover up with new and more exciting possibilities?


It takes courage to make a change, take a risk and do the work. But, damn, does it take balls to stay put, immerse yourself in all your baggage and devote to embracing the shadow that you have lived with for so long. That kind of vulnerability and commitment to growth – that right there is the most daring journey of them all. Because we all walk with a shadow, some deeper and darker than others, but what you may or may not realise is that this shadow need not be a curse.


To live with an unclaimed truth always hot at our heels feels heavy, draining and devout of freedom. And whilst we can quite easily run into the sunset ignoring the shadow that follows, we will never really know what it means to truly feel free.


What if you could embrace your truth with open arms? What if you could befriend that shadow with acceptance and an open heart? Knowing full well that it may always be a part of you, but a well-loved and respected part at that. What if you could move forward through your future daring adventures, knowing you had surrendered to the greatest dare of all time, and came out unscathed? Would that not make for a life of unsurmountable greatness?


So today I dare you – to get intimate with your shadow. Be honest and admit your darkest truths. And show up in this world ready to be seen in full glory, as the woman who knows herself better than she ever has.


Running away from your truths is for the weak. Come and take a walk on the wild side with us daring folk, and vow to live out your life with passion, wherever it may take you. Choose to infuse your relationship with your self with the same daring nature that you so freely weave into your outer world. It is an adventure you will never quite match.


Do you dare?




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