The Experiment: ‘Truth & Dare’ Part 3 // The Ultimate Truth

day3 How are you digging our little experiment? Are you riding the high that only a daring and courageous life can bring? This week is just a taster of what is in store for you once you embark on the The Experiment, so get cosy – we’re going in deeper. (If you missed the first two parts of this series, be sure to check them out here and here before reading on.)


Today’s truth bomb: You have everything you desire.


You won’t find freedom in that tequila shot. You won’t find peace in that tub of ice-cream. And you most certainly won’t find happiness in that one night stand.


As long as you are searching outside of yourself to fix your problems, you’re in for a helluva long and bumby ride. They say happiness is an inside job. Well I’m here to tell you that’s true, and then some. It’s all an inside job. Every feeling you desire feel is inside you, right this minute, patiently waiting for you to show up, throw out all the rubbish that you are yet to let go of, make some space and let your most prized and beloved feelings shine and be admired by all.


The weirdest part is: you already know this. You know that feelings can change in the blink of an eye and that you have the emotional capacity to feel good, be it about something or everything, right now. But why don’t we, as humans, simply choose to do so? Why don’t we choose to be happy, when we know we can?


Because we’ve been taught that to feel happiness and joy all the time is wrong. That it must mean we have it all too easy, and should feel some kind of guilt. That we aren’t quite looking hard enough at the areas we need to fix. That life just doesn’t work that way.


And to that I say, BULLSHIT!


Bullshit to the guilt.


Bullshit to the constant need to ‘fix’ ourselves.


Bullshit to life ‘not working that way.’


Because when we choose to live life with courage and bravery, you know that happiness is not a feeling you must strive for your whole life. Yet it is a birthright which you can simply BE. When I am feeling joyful, inspired and loved, I am happiness. And still when I am feeling upset, frustrated and angry, I still am happiness. It is always within me, and a feeling that will never leave me. It is something I can reach in for, and not something I must attain. Happiness is just as much a part of me as my left arm; and learning to move through life with this perspective takes courage and strength.


So today, shine a light on your perspective and choose to be daring as you break free from the societal beliefs that are designed to crush you. Dare to live by example and empower others to seek inwards for all that they desire. And quit placing your happiness in the hands of those who have no idea about what happiness means to you.


Do you dare?


I can see your daring spirit do cartwheels from here! My tribe will get first dibs on The Experiment before anyone else, so make sure you’re connected where it counts! Two more taster dares to get you ready, and then she is all yours. Are you ready?