The Experiment: ‘Truth & Dare’ Part 4 // An Ultimate Act of Kindness

4 Today I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to put this upcoming book into your hot little hands. Because you know what; I SEE YOU. I see your commitment to showing up in this life with balls and bravery, and I see how you read my words with guts and determination. You are here to get your hands dirty and have a go, and that is why you and I get along so well. Your daring, and I like that. And that's exactly why you're going to love 'The Experiment'! We are just a few days away from launch, and today’s truth bomb makes for a dare that you may not have expected - Dig in! (As always you can track back to our previous dares and what this series is all about over here).


Today's truth bomb – Kindness takes courage.


Oh boy, does it just! And much more than you realise. I’m talking about the real, deep, go out of your way, shower them in love sort of kindness. Where one’s energy is crafted and transported into another purely with the intention of raising their vibration, amplifying their joy and making their day. When was the last time you showed this kind of kindness?


When was the last time you devoted your precious time, energy and love to someone without a cause, without expectations and without need? When did you last feel alive with such generosity that you simply could not help yourself but to make another soul feel as elevated, radiant and loved as humanly possible?


To embody such kindness is a gift that each of us has, yet one that we refrain from passing along all that often, for a multitude of reasons. Fear of being seen. Fear of appearing vulnerable. Fear of being taken advantage of. Fear of what others may say. But more often than not, we simply haven’t given enough kindness to ourselves to be able to give so generously.


Imagine if we lived in a world of such divine kindness, where kindness was both our compass and our fuel. Where each individual had grown from kindness, into kindness and lived sharing their overflowing kindness unto all.


Whilst it may seem like a distant day dream, we cannot deny the first step is achievable. For the most daring and courageous of us, that is...


Dare to be kind.. to yourself.


Kindness starts in your own backyard, and with kindness as your framework, so then does kindness become your way. Be kind to yourself when you feel estranged, so you may then be able to show such kindness to strangers. Be kind to yourself through fear, so you may then be able to show kindness to those who fear. Be kind to yourself when you begin to question your significance in this world, so that you may then be able to show kindness to those you do not value the significance of this world the way you do.


Dare to be kind by deciding to rise. Rise above the hate, the judgement, the anger and the resentment. And dare to use kindness as your building blocks. And in doing so you will not only heal yourself from your pain, but you will also allow others to do the same.


Do you dare?


Join me tomorrow for the very last Truth & Dare Taster before ‘The Experiment’ launches next week, and get on the list for first dibs. Let your life be the incredible experiment it is meant to be, and don’t deny yourself this act of kindness – The Experiment is sure to blow you away. Until tomorrow..