The Experiment: ‘Truth & Dare’ Part 5 // Embark on your own experiment

day5 What a week it has been! You have well and truly embraced every part of this Truth and Dare series, and for that I thank you. Thank you for acknowledging your desires and allowing them to shine; just being here and reading these dares is something you should be incredibly proud of. ‘The Experiment’ will officially be released on Monday 18 May (with an early release to my Love List on Sunday afternoon), and today’s final dare is designed to help you prepare for the journey ahead, and squash any limiting beliefs that may lie in your way. As always, if you have missed the beginning of this series, jump on over here first.


Today’s truth bomb: Life is the experiment that you decide you are worthy of.


You are not living the same experiment as the person next to you. There is no template on which your life is to be constructed. The instructions are blank, there is no set goal or hypothesis, and the methods are up to you. The parameters are determined by you alone, and there is no supervising authority. Success and failure are yours to define, and what you explore is dependent on your own passions and free will.


So much choice, yet we live with so many perceived limitations.


What to wear, what we should be doing, when we should marry, how we should act, where we should live, what determines success, what we should value, the rules we should abide by, the boundaries we should set, the boundaries we should break, the hardest we should push, the weakest we should allow ourselves to be seen, the least we should give, the most we should take…


Our lives are so wound up by limitations that don’t exist, and starved of the experiments that so desperately yearn to exist. We ask ourselves the questions like ‘What will they think’, ‘what will happen’, and ‘what will change’, instead of ‘Am I truly living the life I want to be living?’


To live life as your own experiment means to live without boundaries, without limitations, without speculation and without a pre-conceived outcome. It means to live in peace and comfort with the discomfort of the unknown, and revel in the experiences that an experiment provides. To live your own experiment means living in accordance with your own hypothesis, your own methods and on your own timeline; Your own rules, your own assignments and your own purpose.


And what will be the result of such an experiment? A life of undeniably wondrous set of experiences that have been constructed into a life lived on your own terms. In full view of your most authentic and honest self, and with every one of your core desires alive and in operation.


So my final dare to you here, is to be brave enough to embark on your own experiment. Allow your daring nature to lead the way, and dare to take the first step without knowing the one that follows. Because isn’t that what being daring is all about?


'The Experiment – Daily dares to help you instigate change and make this life your bitch', will officially be released to my love list on Sunday afternoon at 4pm AEST and to the rest of the world at 8am on Monday. Get ready for the experiment of your life - you are worthy of it!


Until then xx