The January Experiment, stepping into my core desired feelings and what you can expect to see on Feed Me in 2015


Welcome to 2015. It all feels rather transformative, don’t you think? More so than the past, this new year has so many people around me stepping into their full power this year, whether it be in business, life or health. Really owning what they want and giving themselves permission to change. Or maybe it is just that I am now surrounded by a lot more of these types of people. Either way, I am really, really digging it!

Change is certainly a common theme for me this year as I embrace everything I have done so far in preparation for the year ahead, and all the things I have plans to do. Though its not so much about the act of change itself, but more so the gentle, nurturing act of managing change and using it to fuel my raging passion for life – yep, that is what this year is all about.


Each year I am drawn to a word that will guide me and my decisions that coming year, as inspired by Danielle La Porte. But this year, I dove into Danielle’s The Desire Map process deeper than ever and spent so much time at the end of last year shedding the layers upon layers of fog that was clouding my vision of the future, and finally learning how to make my past experiences and stories work for me in my present. I came to distinguish the idea that I needed to ‘fix’ certain things about me to be whole, complete and ready for what I dreamed of. And I learnt to put separation between the root of who I am, and the various archetypes I was living out in my reality. I learnt to embrace all the various parts of me that made me different, and I busted the myth that I needed to figure out the best way to find contentment in everybody – when really, all I need to worry about was myself. Only when I practice contentment in my own self, can I ever help another practice it themselves. So with that, I made a commitment to embracing all my quirks, all my ‘set backs’, and all my self-imposed ‘labels’ as simply a set of stairs designed to keep my contentment practice in check, and toned as hell! If you don’t choose to make your practice of contentment a priority, then you can’t expect to feel it everyday. I choose to feel it. Simple as that.


So with all that said, I started my year (or my December actually) with three guiding words that absolutely pull on each of my heart strings. They are:


Buoyant // Like I am floating in the ocean – ever expansive, free, light and at ease. Yet undoubtebly supported and held in every way. The universe, life, my community, my intuition – has always got my back. I desire to feel buoyant in every waking minute.


Simmer // Like a pot of water on the stove, I choose to keep my life at a gentle simmer. No more raging, boiling, 100 degree days of overwhelm, anxiety, endless outpourings of inspiration and ideas that overflow onto my life and create a mess of should’s without the capacity to give them life. And hence no more surrendering to the anxiety and overwhelm by withdrawing and retreating, retracting all responsibility and care – simply because I burnt myself out. No, this year is the year of the gentle, ever-constant simmer. Where by I treasure my work, my body, my life, my relationships, my heart – as sacred. I hold my life close to my heart, promise to take care of her every way I know how, and I show complete, devoted, unconditional reverence by pulling back as soon as I feel the call, showing up for myself on the mat, managing my own expectations and giving from a place of abundance, instead of lack. If an idea, goal, opportunity or plan does not keep me at a gentle simmer this year, it’s just not on the cards. Consistency is key. It’s no longer just about me. I have a message to share. And I need to always be my best self in order for that message to be heard with absolute clarity.


Woman // I’m looking forward to diving into this one on the blog this year, as I ever so gently continue my unfolding of the divine feminine within me. Embracing all it is to be a woman, a nurturer, a creative. Learning to follow her lead when she surfaces, and learning to trust that she is ever present. Learning to support and trust both the masculine and feminine energies that flow through me, and surrendering to them when either decides to take form. It is all a wildly fascinating interest of mine and just barely scraping the surface on it has already led to monumental shifts in my relationships, the way I work and my own self-love practices.


So as I navigate this year with these feelings in the drivers seat, I intend to open this space up a little, to new and exciting offerings that maintain this spiritual alignment I am currently floating on. Whilst my love affair with health is and forever will be a huge part of my life, I find myself leaning more towards writing about the people, the places, the causes and the reflections that are currently leaving me wanting more. The good shit that has me constantly asking questions, sparking my curiosity, and leading me down new adventures and experiences. I want to shine a light on your purpose, inspire you to want more, and satisfy the cravings of every seeker with an open mind.


This is our playground. This is our experiment. This is our adventure. And all we have to do is be willing to have the experience.


Thank you for reading to this point, and letting me dish out the inspiration and internal muse for what’s to come. My passions, projects and people are the muse for this space, with the sole intention of service. To be of service to you. To fuel your fire when it’s fading out. To open your heart to new ways of thinking and possibility. And to help you make your life yours in every way.


If this is your kind of juice, then make sure you are caught up on everything that is happening around here by joining the love list. Tomorrow I will be sending out my first bit of mail for 2015, announcing the details for an upcoming workshop I am hosting next month. Love list will get first dibs on the limited number of tickets available, and if you are local to Townsville – I can’t wait to meet you and give you a squeeze!




If you haven’t as yet gotten on board with The January Experiment, then you can catch up over on Facebook and get lost in the sea of daring women that have completely blown me away. The January Experiment is a Facebook challenge I created in the final days of last year designed to set you 31 daily dares over January to help you instigate change and make 2015 your bitch. Designed to shake up your reality and give your ego a run for its money, this challenge has seen women profess their biggest, boldest dreams, dare each other to fulfil them, and inspired amazing, courageous souls to even quit their jobs in an act of self-love.  We are only 13 days in and I have already received feedback such as:


“Totally inspiring me to dream bigger for 2015!”


“Love all of it, so inspiring and I want to get in that wave of manifestation!“


“When I read this I really wanted to go to Strand park to lay on the grass & roll down the hill. Unfortunately it was too wet so I went to kmart & tested out the hoola hoops in the middle of the shop instead!!!”


“Just what I needed to hear. I'll print this out and stick it on my fridge!”


I can’t quite believe how much this challenge has impacted me over just the first 13 days, and I can’t wait to watch it unfold further as the challenges build and that drive and determination to live a daring, fulfilled and adventurous life grows exponentially. Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey, and I can’t wait to see what you all share with me today!


OVER TO YOU // I would absolutely love to hear what word or core desired feelings you have chosen for yourself this year! Join me in the comments and let’s chat! 


Big love,


T x