This is the face of a warrior.

This is the face of a warrior, soaking up her sweet spot.

You know the one.. In between the moments of discomfort, the hardship of the hustle, the frustration of the fierce choices that often feel harder than you can bare.. In between all of it, lies the sweet spot. The window of silence that leaves room for perspective. To see that behind the hours spent apart, you're both following your dreams. Amidst the stress and coffee stained sweat shirt, you're now doing it all on your own terms. And underneath the sacrifices and the uncertainty, there you lay at night with your head on the pillow, heart full and enthusiasm rich. "I wouldn't change a thing".

Everyone with a curious soul and a hungry heart has a mountain to climb. And if you've chosen to climb yours, you've already earned my respect.

And whether your mountain is a crying newborn, a startup, a new level of fear or a dream that just won't rest, never stop hunting down your sweet spot. Seek it everyday, grab hold of it and squeeze it like your life depends on it (doesn't it?) and never let it go. Coz it's that sweet spot of perspective, that spoonful of positivity and the glimmer of satisfaction that reminds you it's all so so worth it.

So to all my mountain climbers out there, this is for you. May your devotion to your soul earn your own respect and the courage you show day in day out keep you in fear of just how powerful you really are.

Because nothing is more worthy of your own awe than who you see in the mirror. Don't you see? You are brave. You are bold. You are bad-ass.

You are a warrior of soul-worship, a leader of the light. And every fucking day, I promise I feel your pain. The pain of never really knowing what the fuck you're doing. The pain of sometimes growing faster than you think you're ready for. The pain of constantly getting up time and time again, to live in service to your heart.

But pain lives on both sides of the tracks - whether you choose to stare up at the mountain you never climbed, or in each step that you make to the top. And when you picked your path, you decided on your pain.

A pain that's fed on choice, not regret. A pain that births new life, not death. A pain that only a warrior like you can bare for the mountain that only you can climb.

Keep climbing. Keep climbing.

T xx