This is why I write.

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway.

It's been over three years since I first started putting my once perceived 'only-good-for-business' writing to use in a personal, self-expressed way in the form of a travel blog for our nine month stint around the world. What began as a way to help my poor memory in my later years turned into a creative outlet I never knew I had. A creative outlet I resisted, but secretly loved.

A travel blog led to a health blog as I embarked on my coaching journey, and now here I lay on a Sunday with a laptop in my lap, pouring words into endless documents purely because I can, and honestly because I am yet to find anything like it. It feeds my soul in ways my words will only ever so briefly express, and even in the simplicity of a social media post like this one, I am filled with fierce satisfaction and contentment for the chance to let it all bleed out.

My words no longer feel like words, they feel like friends. They feel like photographs of moments in time that my soul bookmarked to share, if for nothing more than to make me smile, make me think or make me melt.

My words move me in the same way my soul does. My words marry the ways of my monkey mind with the bold truth of my heart and suddenly with a few taps of the keys I am free.

Unraveled, unshackled, free.

And now 3 years on when I am greeted with new curiosities that feel strange to me, foreign and kinda crazy to explore, I'm reminded of how my curiosity once led me home. I'm reminded of how what I once perceived as an unexciting talent was able to take me by surprise, turn my perspective to be inside out, all with just a simple yes.

A yes to curiosity and where it may lead. A yes to a challenge that would set me free. And so with freedom always in mind, I'm letting my curiosity take me further on this writing journey. Poetry. Fiction. Storytelling in whatever way my soul desires to be expressed. I'm having fun with it and letting it flow in any which way it wants to.

Experimentation is curiosity's best friend. And so I thought I'd ask you - what are you willing to experiment with this week? Where can you let your curiosities take you?

T xx