Travel feature: Getting back to nature in Jasper, Canada

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So here goes, the first piece of evidence on the blog that showcases a tiny fragment of my undying love affair with Canada. The Canadian winter gifted me the man of my dreams, and the summer has always delivered me the serenity and awe that only nature can provide. So with that, get comfy and fall into the magic that is Jasper.


“Take Banff, half the annual visitor count, increase the total land area by 40%, and multiply the number of bears, elk, moose and caribou by the power of three. The result: Jasper, a larger, less-trammeled more wildlife-rich version of the other Rocky Mountains parks…” puts it quite nicely..but there’s a whole lot more to it than that. Jasper is quite possibly one of the most majestic places I have witnessed.


It all kicks off with the drive up north on the Icefields parkway from Banff National Park. The Icefields parkway is known as one of the most stunning drives/rides in the world, with the 230 km journey north from Lake Louise also being quite a popular route for cyclists. The journey takes you past jaw dropping blue lakes, glaciers and mountains that go on for days, my favourites being Herbert and Bow Lakes, the Crowfoot glacier, Columbia Icefields and all time favourite, Peyto Lake – one of the most colourful lakes in the world. This pristine body of water is so enchanting, and makes you feel for even just a second that all is calm and at peace in the world. Then you overhear the pre-recorded audio mentioning the significant loss of mass in the glacier-fed lake over the last 100 years and you begin to simply be incredibly grateful that you are lucky enough to still witness this beauty.




The town of Jasper itself is a quaint, beautiful little town however it is not the town that you come here for.  It’s all the magic that lies around it. Just a short drive over the BC border you will find yourself at Mt Robson National Park where you can do a multi day hike to Berg Lake. Being short on time, I opted for the 14km round trip day hike on the Berg Lake Trail to Kinney Lake Campground and was unbelievably grateful for such a crystal clear day. Whilst the paths are wide and well-walked, the grandness that surrounds you keeps you grounded in an environment that takes your breath away.








Just one of the ridiculous number of things you can do around Jasper, is to drive out to Medicine Lake, and further on to Maligne Lake. At first, Maligne Lake appears to be somewhat of a tourist trap, which is something I like to avoid at all costs. Coaches line the parking lot and a variety of accents crowd the bathrooms and gift shop. Tourists stand by awaiting their ferry ride across the lake, but little do they realise that kayaking is really the only way to truly get down and dirty with how stunning this lake really is. Coming to the shore on any patch of sand, you will find the perfect spot for a lunchtime picnic, and midday bush walk, before heading back out onto the calm, cool water, paddling as you stare at the open playground in front of you.



kayak maligne lake


And the bonus of kayaking all day is revealed when you depart the lake just before sunset and get to witness the king of all wildlife tours on the way back to your accommodation. Grizzlys, black bears, elk, mountain goats, white tailed deer – all made an appearance on this particular evening.


bull elk


If you’re looking to become totally immersed in complete natural beauty and experience serenity in all its magnificence, Jasper needs to be added to your bucket list. And considering some say there could be no glacial ice left in this part of Canada in less than 100 years, without a doubt – this place is a must!


Have you been to Jasper? I'd love to hear what you thought about it and all the places you visited. Similarly, if Jasper looks like your ideal adventure, feel free to hit the box below and ask any questions. As always, thank you in advance for sharing this with your mates!


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