Turning to Gratitude in Times of Frustration and Impatience

10268382_10152377121675903_943334136_n I’ve had quite a few bursts of anger pop up for me over the last week. Not directed at solely one thing, but as a general feeling towards how some things have panned out this week. Things not working out as I planned. Things out of my control, throwing my plans all out of whack, making life so much more difficult.


And whilst the things causing this high level of frustration really only affect one area of my life, I have completely let the frustration and impatience take over every part of my life, leaving me feeling wound up and annoyed at everything on occasions. Silly, I know!


I’ve always been a pretty impatient person.


I want things now, better yet yesterday. And whilst I’ve learnt to accept this of myself (as have others learnt to accept it of me), I just cant accept this strung out, hot-headed fury that sweeps through me when I reach my limits. It brings out the worst in me, and I become one of those people who start making demands and raising my voice to telecommunications call centre staff. I know, it is not something I am proud of. Sometimes I wish I could just lock up that part of me and be incredibly patient and silent in times of frustration, and take the high road. But that’s just not who I am. Whilst I can keep reminding myself to approach each of these situations with love and show the kindness and warmth I myself would like to receive, the internal battle carries on inside of me and I need a way to let it all out. So what now?


I spill it all out. Write my little heart out and try and find some peace in it all.


I do a huge brain dump of everything going on and relieve the pressure that has mounted inside of me. And I’ve come up with a little ritual that seems to help me put things into perspective. If this story sound all to familiar to you, maybe this could help you too.


Here goes:

  1. Make a list of everything that is bugging you right now. How is it making you feel? Why? List the very reasons causing steam to exit through your ears and your heart rate to run like crazy.
  2. Using that list, make another that comprises of all the things bugging you that you have zero control over at this present time. What are the things that rely on someone else’s actions or are simply untouchable right now? These are often the hardest to deal with so I choose to specially focus in on these.
  3. Beside each of these, write: “I accept this for what it is.” And sit with this thought for a minute. Feel what it would feel like if you were to truly let go of this issue for a whole minute. The issue is still there, real as ever, and will still be there when you get back. So for just 60 seconds, even pretend if you have to, to let it go completely. Do you feel that slight shift your body just made? Do you feel lighter? Do your shoulders feel released and your chest more open?
  4. Then for each of these issues which you just let go of for that one minute, I want you to write at least one positive that has come from this issue. It might be that something not going ahead has resulted in you now being home this week, with family members. Or someone else’s mistake and carelessness has given you an appreciation for the other people around you and their dedication. Whatever it may be, there is always a pro to every con.
  5. And finally, as you look over each frustration listed on the page before you, hone into that feeling of letting go that you recently practised. Recite to yourself out loud each of the positive outcomes you listed above. And then, following that, profess your gratitude for each and every one. Put it in big ol’ writing in front of you, “I am grateful for x”. Don’t only be grateful for the perhaps miniscule positive outcome generated from the issue, but also for the opportunity to once again stretch that gratitude muscle of yours and remember that everything in life is simply a matter of perspective.


Gratitude brings us back to home base. It resets our soul and lets us start a fresh. And how many times in life can we say we get the opportunity to do that?!


I hope this brings you a touch of ease and calm the next time things are weighing on you heavily. Remember, we may never be able to control our emotions, but we sure can learn to manage them in a way that nourishes us best.


How do you manage your emotions and weaknesses in a way that nourishes you best? I would love for you to join the chat below and share your tips. As always, if you found this post enriching, uplifting or touching close to home, I’d be so honoured if you shared it with your peeps using the buttons below.


Big love xx