Want to feel deeply satisfied and insanely successful?

Today I got zero "work" done. But it was without a doubt the most satisfying and successful day I have had all week.

And it was all because of one juicy ass conversation between myself and an amazing soul sister, where one thing lead to another, one inspired story led to another inspired story, and we found ourselves telling each other our grandest most exhilarating and heart pumping visions for the work we are here to do on the planet. It was breathtaking for me in so many ways.

It was the first time I have shared my vision with anyone in this much detail, and all of it was completely channelled from within, delivered straight from spirit, and to be honest I can't even remember the exact words I used - all I remember is that I FELT every word down to the core. And to be held, supported, embraced and understood in that moment by someone who could seriously read my soul if she wanted to (because our souls seem to dance to the same beat) - it was truly something magical.

Our whole conversation amongst other topics lasted for 90min. And I honestly could have done nothing else today and gone to bed straight after, head hitting the pillow feeling like the most accomplished, successful and satisfied woman alive.

Because the reality is that nothing feels as good as sweet, delicious alignment. When you use that fierce relationship with yourself to get really super clear on what really lights you up and makes your soul dance, and then you surrender to that and let it connect you with people who feel the same - that is the kind of blissful alignment that surpasses any to-do list, any amount of income or any external validation. You feel like the luckiest girl in the world - despite what your job title is, what your income is, how many Facebook friends you have or what joe blow thinks of you. And nothing or no-one can steal that away, unless you give them permission to.

Having a fierce relationship with yourself really is your super power, and it will lead you to the bliss and satisfaction your soul craves. But as Shona Rhimes says, Power isn't power unless you know you have it.

So I beg you to imagine; If you said yes to your power right now, what do you think this kind of satisfaction and success might feel and look like in your own life?