What you know about yourself today, just might be bullshit tomorrow.

11749775_10153450122580903_1827165920_n "I discovered something about myself the last few months, and that is I secretly hide away from 'too much' connection - I think I always thought it would distract me from creating stuff and doing the work, by always just talking about it and consuming inspiration instead of spending time putting it into practice. But really, I was just scared shit-less of what life would be like if I was constantly bombarded with amazing people around me all day every day. And so I deliberately planned days of 'me time' to focus on my work and myself - but kept finding myself on a merry go around of resistance and self-sabotage. Until I finally realised that I NEED PEOPLE!

I need people to be around me and inspiring me all the time, to keep my juicy creative love flowing out to those who need it. All this time I have been holding on to the "introvert" in me, when being extroverted and flooding my life with as much interaction as possible is actually what feeds my best work and ultimately my "best me". So lately, I've been all in and flooding my life with people. Lunch dates, coaching sessions, networking events, anything and everything to just be constantly chatting to people about the stuff that matters to me - and whilst I may have less alone time to work, the time I do have in between everything is so productive and I'm actually getting so much more done. It's been such an interesting learning curve for me. I'm just throwing myself into interaction, after interaction, and it's keeping me feeling so FULL. Less thinking, more doing. Less planning, more being. I like it a lot..."

I wrote this in an email to a gorgeous friend in Canada last night, and as I read over it, I realised just how much truth there is in these words..


We don't have to do anything alone to prove anything to anybody.

We are just as worthy thriving with a tribe of supportive sisters and brothers, as we are when we do it all alone.

If you're finding yourself craving the time to create your dream, but then catch yourself wasting the time you do have without really knowing why - then turn your routine, your habits, everything you think you know about yourself, on it's head. Shake it all up and experiment. When something isn't working, maybe it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the way you 'perceive' you.

What you know about yourself today, just might be bullshit tomorrow.

And you know what - that's totally OK. Because all that matters is that we are who we are today, and we feel who we are today. So whatever is keeping you feeling FULL, ALIVE, and HIGH today, go and do that..

T x