Tara Caetano




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Your commitment + my guidance

= space, possibility and a heart ready

to hold the complete magic of who you are.

When a woman is held, supported and seen with her defences down, in her wholeness, and in her own true embodied state that is fuelling her present reality; everything is on the table. Nothing is off limits, there are no rules left to play by, and white space starts to shine from in between each vertebrae as she sits taller, cracks open that chest and starts leading from her heart.

As women, connection is our lifeblood. And nothing gives us more permission to shine than being supported by another woman who is cut from the same cloth, armed with the tools and expertise to hold a vision for you that’s sometimes so big that you don’t feel you can carry it alone.

We carry so much alone as women, as mothers, and this is the time we get to choose conscious collaboration to birth what has been growing inside of us for months, years or maybe your whole life.

Just like your midwife and doula may have grounded you in your safety, power and strength during the birth of your children, I am the one to ensure you have everything you need to create the life you are bringing forth for yourself and your family.

Instead of just one scattered mind and one set of tired eyes on your dreams, you will now have two. Two hearts beating for what is your birthright; focused and invested in your growth.

My zone of genius is in holding that container for you to let this ride be as wild, radical and honest as it needs to be.

I meet your often tangled desires and unfinished sentences of possibility with clarity, groundedness and your values and vision in mind.

I will hold you to the truth of who you are, who you hope to be and tear down any bullshit you try to place in your own way (because we’re all guilty of that when no-one is watching).

My job is to be your biggest advocate whilst you’re advocating for everyone else, but at the same time coaching you to build the body that can hold the equal parts self-belief and self-responsibility that mean advocating for yourself and others are no longer mutually exclusive.

I will commit to doing this YOUR way, and only your way. In a way that aligns with the way you want to feel as a woman, a mother and a daughter. When it comes to matters of the heart, there are often no distinct measurable goals that feel pressing to address, but instead a feeling and inner fire that needs to be nurtured. This is soul work, and so doing it any other way than what feels good to you and energises you would be completely useless.

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.. that I’m not afraid of some tough love, that I’ll hold you to your word because I’m impeccable with mine, and they love that with me, anything goes. There is no level of shame or guilt, no emotion or revelation I will not hold space for, and this helps them feel undeniably supported and able to truly let go - a feeling that can often feel hard to come by as a mother who is still finding her feet (aren’t we all!).

Together, honesty will be our core foundation.

We’ll move from survival and suffering to a sturdyness in your own core that makes you feel like you could weather even the toughest storm.

But what’s really exciting, is that that kind of deep, sturdy, rock solid foundation is also what new life grows from, stretching as high as it allows itself to be, knowing full well that staying grounded in yourself is and forever will be your superpower.

I work with you to create anything you damn well want for your life.

Be that a new career, a new relationship with your partner, a nourishing schedule, a deeper sense of presence with your kids, a redefined vision for your family (and your role in it), a new experience with no limitations or a deeper connection to the parts of you that have been neglected.

I help people walk away from the grips of family tension, start their life again after divorce, move past the stories of their childhood and once and for all OWN the story they want.

It doesn't necessarily matter whether or not you yet believe in yourself and your abilities to go there and make it happen (that's my job), but together we will get there because your success is my success and when a mother feels fulfilled in who she is and how she participates in the world, my job here is done.

It’s pretty much always the case that whatever you set out to achieve and create through this work, it will be all that and so much more. Because this work is life-changing, at the very least, and with a universe before you that is waiting to take your direction, nothing invites growth and change as much as a full-bodied decision to call in the support you need.

If you are sincerely ready to step into the mother and woman you’re here to be, I invite you to book in a complimentary 30min chat here.