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Having a relationship with yourself can be blissfully uncomfortable, painfully lonely and awe-inspiring at the same time. It can be all consuming, often overwhelming and almost always creates more questions than answers.

Growth is a bitch sometimes, but it was never meant to be endured alone. And I know with a full heart that with a life so precious and clarity so fleeting, if we let ourselves receive the support and guidance we know in our heart we are worthy of, it can change everything.

My life's work is to guide people towards self re-connection so they can then connect more intimately with others and the world around them. Through mentoring, I do this by helping you shine a light on your truth, stop decorating your cage and lean into the change you know you need to make.




How this works?


As a mentor, I can confidently say that not every client and mentor are well-suited to each other. It is important when choosing a mentor for you that you resonate with their values and you aspire to learn and be supported by someone who has or is living a life experience that aligns with your own personal visions.

If we aren't already acquainted on social media, or you aren't already receiving my weekend words via email, start there. It's important you're already feeling connected to what I share before we start something more intimate.

Check out what my past clients have to say, and if your soul says I'm your gal, fill in the form below and I'll be in touch to organise a chat. If I believe I can support you in your journey, I will lovingly take you on as a client, and if not I will always happily recommend one of my amazing peers to you.