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 This program offers a deep and grounding platform and the tools for lasting change! You will gain huge insights that will reshape your reality and life. I have learnt that I am capable and worthy of changing my story.

- Lisa, Mother + Bowen and Flower Essence Therapist


There’s no denying it. You want to feel powerful everyday, you want to trust yourself through anything, and you want to live and play with a level of confidence and discernment that you’ve long admired and looked up to in other women.

You want to embody a new definition of power. One that marries your wounds with a wisdom of what it means to be a woman, and one that knows that you belong to a wider circle than the stories you’ve been protecting yourself with will tell you.

You want to learn how to feel safe within this new definition of power, and most of all, feel worthy of it.

You’re ready to start having an unconditional relationship with yourself - where there is no need to hide, be ashamed, or feel alone in your evolution, and you’re ready to be baptised into a new stage of empowered womanhood by the eyes of a collective that supports, celebrates and honours your unique personal power.

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It’s not easy to find that kind of place;

A place where you can feel both worthy enough to assume your power and safe enough to question it, amidst compassionate guidance and a heart wide open to support your deep healing.

This is what In Her Power is.

A container for the conscious womxn to feel safe, in order to intimately explore the power of ‘me’, the power of ‘us’, and the power of an embodied womxn touching the world everyday in the most liberated way.


This course was truly amazing and Tara herself is such a wonderful being. She was kind, empathic and such a good listener. I never felt uncomfortable or judged and there was an immediate sense of trust. The course has helped me to get clarity on so many of my conscious and unconscious behaviours and I managed to get to the root of them. I now have faith that I can change those that aren't serving me and let go of them. Thank you so much, Tara!

- Antonia U., Mother + Postpartum Doula

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Module 1

The tapestry of Power as it currently sits within in a woman’s mind, body and birthright.

Diving in to meet you where you are right now, and assess your relationship to power and it’s potential.

Module 2

Personal Power - An exploration of your core wounds, the depths of who you are as a daughter - to your family and the world at large, and the personal policies of protection that ground you in your current relationship to power.

Here, we radically transform the way you relate to YOU. We go deep into exploring your inner child, belief systems, patterns of self sabotage and radically alter how you see all of it from now on. We’re talking about power on a micro level, the beginning of it all.

Module 3

The Power of Us - Diving deep into the internalisation of oppressive and damaging power constructs that you probably don’t even realise you’re holding, the environmental influence on our power conversation, and how that connects with both our outdated and idealised views on being an empowered woman.

Radically transforming the way you relate to the world that your power is participating in. This juicy module is both triggering, intimidating, and incredibly liberating. Power at a macro level does not need to be scary, and instead can be the collective resonance we’ve long been searching for.

Module 4

Self parenting for Personal Power - Practices for staying with yourself and your power, moment to moment.

The foundation of working WITH yourself, for a life of eternally staying with yourself. We explore self parenting practices, how to feel safe as you navigate your own empowerment, and attend to your wounded self moment to moment. A life changing practice that every human must apply, if we are to truly live integrated conscious lives.

Module 5

Re-baptising the Woman you’re here to be - an emergence of the woman and her continual evolution.

Here we see you for the woman that you are, in a way that meets the season of life you’re currently playing in. Learn how to consciously filter your experiences as a woman, whilst constantly creating that which is yet to be seen or felt.

Module 6

Embodied Power - Exploring Power in the body through somatic practice, movement and sexual re-connection.

We’re going right to the edges of our senses, and using our nervous system as our guide. Here you can expect to be out of your seat, in your body, neck deep in discomfort, but liberated by the ecstacy of what true feminine embodiment is all about.

Module 7

Powerful Expression - Anchoring into your power as the foundation for motherhood, love, business, health and self-expression

This is where we leap from. This is where we answer, ‘Now what?’ Regardless of whether you’re a mother, CEO, entrepreneur, artist, or all of the above, this is where you learn how to use this newfound relationship to power in everything you set your heart on.

Module 8

Collective closure - Closing the loops of indifference, being misunderstood and feeling at ease in the community from which our power is inextricably derived from.

Coming full circle, feeling centred in all that fuels and fires up our eternal relationship with personal power. Collectively. This is where you learn how to take this new relationship to your power out into the world, and do so in a way that inspires your daily connection to humanity in all it’s light and shade. This is about humility and grounding your gifts. An epic way to close an exhilirating adventure inward.

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“I wish words existed to describe the magnificence that is Tara as a mentor, coach, guide and human in general. Not only are her teachings, tools, techniques, content and insights some of the most transformational I have experienced both personally and as a professional in the field, what brings me the most confidence in sharing such words is the fact that this woman is a walking embodiment of the work she teaches. She has the ability to bring a fierce firmness that allows you to face your greatest blindspots and wrap you in unconditional love, allowing you to open, surrender and melt shadows into light. A rare mentor in the realm of self-development and personal growth, Tara has changed my life beyond recognition.”

- Amber Hawken, Mindfulness Based CBT

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  • You want to take up space, in your body and in the world, as a woman liberated from her stories and her isolation

  • You feel stuck in your evolution as a woman, and know that this is no longer something you can (or want to) do alone

  • You want to assume your power, unconditionally, in a way that sparks curiosity within moments of tension, disbelief and wide open vulnerability. You’re ready to greet yourself as a human in a whole new way, and bring ALL of you to the table.

  • You don’t just want to create better boundaries, but HOLD them when the ones you love challenge you, your deepest fears arise, or you begin to lose hope

  • You want to release the wounds of feeling misunderstood, or the fears of being seen and heard, often by other women themselves

  • You recognise that you currently see it as the job of other women to be powerful, so you can remain contained in your own cage of comfort. It’s time to dismantle that belief and feel supported in your self reclamation.

  • You want to begin feeling more powerful in any area of your life without having to have your life figured out. You know change starts from within, and your life deserves to be transformed from an energy of untapped personal power. It both scares you and delights you to think of what may emerge from this level of personal power.

  • You want to learn how to feel safe enough to own your power and what you want at your core, whilst changing your relationship to self sabotage and letting go of self judgement

  • You’re craving a safe container to grieve the already known suffering of the women who came before you, and have an opportunity to explore the parts yet to be acknowledged

  • You want to move this concept of power and pleasure from being a ‘neck up’ concept and one that you feel deep in your bones, your womb, your senses.

  • You want to make room in your life for the woman who is waiting to emerge. This season of life is calling forward a new version of you, one that needs to go deeper to aim higher.

  • You want to feel fuelled, inspired and ignited by the opportunities gifted to you each day to navigate your inner landscape, whilst leaning further into a deeper relationship with your feminine power as a collective. You’re done with feeling different and strange, for diving so deep and needing to pull away from some people in order to do it.

  • You know you have a few stories that need to change. And most of all, you want to feel worthy of changing your story.


“So much gratitude in my heart right now for you and this program. Transforming this ‘work’ into ‘play’ has been like breaking out of the chains that used to make it feel just too hard to make a change.”

- Carly E.

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“Tara is so unapologetically authentic and down to earth. Her confidence and power is nextttt level!”

- Brooke M.

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EMPOWERED MIND, EMPOWERED HEART  with  Amber Hawken - Mindfulness Based CBT


with Amber Hawken - Mindfulness Based CBT

EMBODIED FEMININE POWER  with  Alisha Kruger - Menstrual Cycle Coach


with Alisha Kruger - Menstrual Cycle Coach



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 Self Guided Course

  • 8 x video modules

  • Corresponding journal prompts for each module

  • Support via email for first 8 weeks post-purchase

  • 2 x Bonus masterclasses with expert teachers

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A love note from me to you before you go…

After 5 years of coaching women in the realm of self-connection and unapologetically supporting themselves on every level, it wasn’t until the birth of my son 18 months ago that I truly came to understand the way a woman’s personal power demands to be seen at every season of her life. It’s not until we are greeted with our own sense of powerlessness, that we truly value a life lived ‘in her power’. As a mentor, intimacy is my game. Once you are guided into my family, you are here to stay, as I support you in whatever you need to once and for all, truly, stay with yourself. In Her Power is the coven I didn’t have as I embarked on the journey from daughter to woman, and it’s an honour to get to hold this space for you to explore what being a woman of the world truly means for you.

If your heart is curious and you’d love to know more about In Her Power before claiming your spot, email me at and I can answer your questions either via email or a quick call.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Personal Power episode on my podcast Stay With Yourself, and follow me on Instagram @taracaetano xx