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Let me just say, I would have killed for this in my first year of motherhood. 

I was unable to commit to long term coaching ( I was earning only a part-time wage and my partner was about to head off on unpaid field work) but I knew that I was in a really muddy yet beautiful time of my life, one that brings up so many questions and doubts, yet not a whole lot of clarity, and I yearned for extra support for my soul from someone who had been there AND had a similar view on the world as I did.

I ended up going on a mothers retreat just after Arlo’s first birthday which supported me immensely, but I would have so loved to have had a coach or someone who was able to see me in that first year, to honour both my desire to stay present with my experience AND at the same time, help me hold that slice of hope for what comes next. 

I needed someone in that moment to restore my faith in myself at a time where I literally had become a whole new person, whilst at the same time, remind me of the woman within that had never left my side.

The woman within me who was struggling to shine through the mask of motherhood, the one who I knew would eventually feel seen again over time, but I’m not one to let 10 years of my life go by feeling less than whole, and I have a feeling you feel the same way.


So these one-off sessions are for you - the mother who loves her new role to bits, but is also now feeling ready to go deeper into the woman within, because ultimately you know that it affects everything - how you parent, your relationship, the type of family you’re creating, the work you do/want to do, your social life.. all of it! You’re ready to get that clarity back, around:

  • Who you are and who you want to be as a mother and a woman

  • What parts of yourself as woman and a daughter are either not being expressed or standing in the way of what you want

  • What parts of your ancestral lineage are supporting you right now and what’s got to die with you

  • How you’re going to use your birth story and experience for your own empowerment, whether it was a traumatic or a positive one

  • How you’re going to express yourself now that you’re a mother, be it in business, career or through your lifestyle choices - how are you going to make this life feel really really really good?

  • And basically anything and everything that is currently ready to get looked at, explored, loved on and lit up in your life, we’re going there.

I’m going to teach you exactly how to get to the root of your most prominent enquiry, so you can support yourself in a whole new way, no matter what else comes up over the course of your motherhood journey

How it works:

If I feel like we’re a magical fit, I’ll then send you the next steps to book in your session. Super Easy!

Before our session I’ll give you further questions to dive into that are specific to your individual path so we can both enter our session together with guns blazing and making the very most of our time together.

Sessions can be either online via video call or phone call, or if you’re in Perth then in-person sessions are my favourite - think lounging at a delicious cafe, setting up a picnic blanket at the park, or strolling the coast line with prams in tow - whatever floats your boat.

Sessions will be anywhere from 90min to 2.5 hours, and will include coaching, visualisations, laughs, maybe a cry or two, and if in person I’ll always try sneak in some kind of movement (if you’re up for it) to help you really integrate this new chapter.



$379 AUD or payment plan of $50 AUD x 8 weeks. Both include:

  • personalised pre-session questions tailored to your specific circumstances

  • 90min - 2.5 hour 1:1 session, either via call, video call or in person

  • unlimited support via text/chat/voice message for 2 weeks post-session so you actually integrate your new-found clarity and take action where you can.

No up-front payments are needed until I confirm we’re the right fit.

I can’t wait to chat wth you!