Ready to finally let someone hold you, in pregnancy, birth or postpartum? 

I’m not going to lie and say that this is your stock standard kind of doula service.

Hell, you may not even know what that is. And if so, that’s probably a good thing because the kind of dynamo doula support I weave into our intimate life-long relationship isn’t something that can be found elsewhere.

You pick me and I pick you, as two women invested in the same kind of revolution. That’s what makes what transpires so damn special.

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To hold a woman in her holiest of moments is to ensure she feels safe to be her whole self. But in order to a hold a woman like that, you too must feel held. Loved in all the right ways, safe in the potency of your power, receiving the fullness of love that those around you direct your way. There is no way I could do what I do without feeling safe myself, to truly be myself. @amber_hawken thank you for holding me in that way, so I could hold you. The ways you have allowed me to be all of me, and own that, are countless // Today is my last day being the wing woman of this amazing woman’s empire and I want to make a special mention of that here because what most people don’t know is that being able to contribute, create, connect and curate epic experiences within the container of someone else’s business was probably the very thing that helped me soar in postpartum. Whilst I honour that every woman has different needs at this time of her life, my ambitious heart and inner advocate is and forever will be most deeply fulfilled when I am giving my all towards a vision I truly believe in. At a sensitive stage of my identity death, unable to see what the next iteration of my business would be, being able to be inspired by something outside of the home, outside of the baby conversations, outside of the endless excavation of who I was now as a mother, literally saved me from the isolation, boredom and woes that I know many women struggle with. My experience has only fuelled me in wanting to build an empire that gives this same thing back to women in so many ways. Expanding the ways I hold women outside of the doulasphere to create a safe container for women to come and work with their babies, earn money for themselves to feel independent and autonomous if they want to, to have their ideas heard and applied to something without them having to hold the extra responsibility of being the business owner.. I see this empire being a safe haven for new mums leaving abusive relationships, or for mums who are now deemed less valuable to their previous industries because they now have dependants... (Cont. In comments)

As your doula through pregnancy, birth and postpartum (or solely through one of these stages if you choose), consider me the curator of your heart’s most fulfilling experience. There’s no promises of specific birth outcomes or scenarios (I’m no God Almighty), but what I can promise is this -

With me as your doula, you will be given every opportunity to feel the way you want to feel, no matter what transpires.

You will be well and truly cared for within a system where continuity of care is dire, no matter how much money you’re laying down.


Whether that be in the bathroom as you have your crisis of confidence, in the tears of sleepless nights postpartum, in the heated family conversations about your birthing choices, or in the crowded room filled with hospital staff that you never intended on having at your birth.

Whatever you choose, I’m in your corner.

Perhaps the first woman who has truly ever been.

Perhaps the only professional on your birth team who has the capacity to be.

Ready to catch you, carry you, caress you, in all the ways you’ve been dying to feel safe enough to receive.

I’ve got you. All of you.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect at each stage of the journey -



Prenatal Sessions

My ultimate intention during this time is to make sure you enter your birth space feeling so unwavering in your connection to yourself, your body, your baby and your power.

Yes, this involves the practical intricasies of birth and postpartum (like choosing a care provider, deciding on comfort measures, birth planning, knowing your rights and risks, and planning your 4th trimester and parenting intentions) but there’s no way I’m letting you navigate this sacred window of time all up in your head.

We dive deep into your body, explore core wounds and any ancestral or past birth trauma, we navigate your body’s relationship to surrender with embodiment practices, and use sensory play and visualisations to anchor into and alchemise what’s potentially going to stand between you and your dream birth.

Looking for just a one-off in person or online doula session in the prenatal period? Book here.

Birth Bestie

As your birth doula, I am on call for you from 38 weeks (or earlier if needed), and am the ultimate birth doula wingwoman by your side through the whole birthing experience. This is the stage for your own rhythm and ritual to steal the show, and I’ll be there to bring you back to trusting that flow of yours, over and over again. Whatever you move through, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I am there to coach you back to the heart of your power, your baby, your potent truth.

I’ll also be performing my sacred juju magic on your birth space, keeping you in your body and connected to your intentions, keeping my hawk eye open to the energy surrounding you and anything that may deter you from your true focus, and meeting you and your family's every need through the whole process. I also make sure you’re well fed, stress free, loved up and feeling clean and comfortable in your space in the hours following the birth, before I leave you to melt in all those new baby cuddles.


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Postpartum Pampering

Whilst no two postpartum sessions are the same, and I strictly use my intuition to carve out these sessions in alignment with your truest needs (even the ones you don't even know you have yet), it’s important you know that they are not bound by any timeframe, nor are they simply a combination of ‘services’ that you could outsource. Yes, the basics are absolutely covered - your home will be cleaned and nurtured, you will be connected with the best referrals for any specialised support, your fridge will be filled whilst I get a warm pot of something cooking, and the showers you have whilst I cuddle your baby will be the best you’ve had in years. But our time together post partum goes way beyond that.

This is about revisiting and rewiring how you now receive as a mother. This is about feeling incredibly held in your reclamation and co-creation of your own uniquely crafted motherhood identity. This is about restoring the foundations of womanhood in your life as you navigate matrescence and rebirth yourself.


What now?