Aligning Your Life With Your Menstrual Cycle with Alisha Kruger

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On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Alisha Kruger on one of my favourite topics of 2018 - How to align your life with your menstrual cycle.

This has been such a game changer for me and I can pretty much give all the credit of this podcast being created and my business being re-launched in such a short amount of time, because I’ve applied everything that Alisha teaches about harnessing the strengths and superpowers of each phase of the cycle.

And as a mother listening this, you’ll soon come to understand just how many areas of your life are about to be impacted upon putting this practice into motion - it’s revolutionary and will completely change how you perceive your energy, creativity, focus and lifestyle. I can’t wait for you to dive in!

A bit about Alisha:

Alisha Kruger is a menstrual cycle coach, yoga teacher and creative. She guides women home to their feminine power through the practice of living in harmony with their menstrual cycles. Through healing her own cycle, Alisha has learned how living in flow with our innate cycles can transform our entire lives: from our physical and mental health, to the way we work, communicate and create. Alisha supports women through one on one coaching; women's circles; workshops; and her free online community, Feminine Rising. You can find out more about Alisha and her work at

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • My own personal story about how I’ve used my cycle to support my health, conception of my son, and then my lifestyle and rebirth of my business once my period returned

  • Alisha shares her own journey to date, and how she came to be a menstrual cycle coach

  • How we can design our lives as mothers around the feminine flow of our menstrual cycle, instead of the male 24 hour hormonal cycle that society supports

  • Reframing our personal stories around the menstrual cycle and the perceptions we’ve carried through our upbringing

  • How to effectively track your cycle so you can begin to find patterns and find your own personal flow

  • The framework that can support every woman through her cycle, including the four inner seasons we all experience

  • How to harness your strengths and hold space for your vulnerabilities at each stage of your cycle, creating more alignment and clarity within every mother

  • How using your menstrual cycle can help to avoid burnout and support women who are sensitive to taking on too much

  • The difference between taking time out vs. deep rest that restores your energy

  • How this practice of aligning your life with your cycle can support you in being more present, fulfilled, and ready to act on your intuition when you receive guidance

  • How to communicate your cycle to your children and partner, and actively enrolling them into the practice (and how that ripples out into their future relationship with the feminine)

Listen here via iTunes or via the player below.

Be sure to connect with Alisha and download her free cycle map below:

Facebook Group - Feminine Rising



Free Cycle Map

Group Coaching Program - Woman In Flow

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