Body Image, Babies + Eating Disorders With Rachael Rose

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Nothing else quite sums up this episode like Rachael's very own bio. In her own words, Rachael Rose is a storyteller, an empath, a doula and a damn good listener. Her body is a soft, silky and safe container and there are many other people’s deepest and darkest secrets stored within her flesh. Over the last 5 years, Rachael has been healing from trauma and abuse, disordered eating and disconnection from her body. She has gratefully emerged from the cocoon as a butterfly spreading her wings, still delicate, but now deliciously dangerous with the strength of her own self-acceptance and belief in her ability to transform tragedy into triumph.

This triumph and the ways in which all women and mothers can ignite theirs, through their own varied degrees of body image challenges, is exactly what we tune into on today's episode. If you're a woman, a mother, who has her heart set on staying with herself and her body on a deeper level, so you can create real change in the world, this episode is for you.

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