Creating From Your Core with Taryn Gaudin

Today I’m chatting with Women's Embodiment Physiotherapist, Taryn Gaudin, and in this episode we are going to completely change the way you relate to your postpartum body, your core, the way you move your body, and how all of that has the potential to radically shift how you express yourself as a woman and a mother.

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever had such an empowering conversation before about the power of movement as it relates to the soul, and I’m so excited for you to tune in.

We talk about:

  • What is Core Embodiment?

  • How mothers can begin to integrate their connection to their physiological core and their core energy, beliefs, values and desires

  • Bringing the body back into the conversation around your passions and purpose

  • The power of presence in unearthing the real wisdom of our bodies postpartum

  • Exploring intentional movement after having children as poetry in motion and a form of self-expression

  • Allowing soul movement to be a part of your creative process

  • How to become more intimate in your relationship to movement through self-enquiry, music, affirmations and intention

  • Taking responsibility for the energy we bring to movement and releasing expectations around what it looks like

  • How Taryn has created radical change in every area of her life, simply by adjusting her relationship to movement

  • Using your post natal body to connect with your core energy and create the life and business you desire

Listen here via iTunes or via the player below:

A bit about Taryn:

Taryn Gaudin is a Women's Embodiment Physiotherapist, who helps women to deeply connect with themselves physically, emotionally, & spiritually so that they can create a life that they love. Her intention is to walk alongside you, as you journey towards 'Embodied Living', helping you to give yourself permission to live in a way that acknowledges & expresses more freely who you truly are.

Generally Taryn works with women who already move through their world with drive, commitment, fullness & motivation, but are seeking something MORE - even though they are unsure what exactly that something is. Her therapeutic approach is holistic & collaborative, and is ultimately a unique blend of scientific evidence based therapy with the added depth of intuitive energy healing.

If you are seeking to:

  • become more ‘in tune’ with your body

  • create a positive shift in your body and in your mindset..

  • enjoy energetic nourishment for your mind, body & soul

  • live a life full of passion that embodies your core values

Then I invite you to connect with Taryn:


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