Emotional Intimacy and Letting Your Body Lead You with Emily Hassett


When it came to choosing a guest for the first official episode of this podcast, it was a dead easy decision. Emily is one of the women I consider my adopted family, a woman who embodies the art of ‘staying’. Whilst not a mother herself yet, she reminds me daily that before we can become the mother we desire to be, we must first accept our role as a daughter of the earth, reclaim the feminine within, and give ourselves permission to unapologetically own our light as a woman. It’s only then that the true divine mother within us can bloom.

Emily Hassett is the chief channel of Spirited Seeker - a home for women to adventurously explore their inner realms and intentionally create their outer world. Through emotion-based coaching, cacao ceremonies and digital detox retreats, Emily invites you back to your body, safely landing with presence, clarity and delight. Her mission is to inspire women to write big, fat permission slips for themselves to be whole, wild and free.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The art of ‘being with’ your emotions - What needs to be created for this to happen and what that looks like in real life

  • How the emotional pregnancy of motherhood has no end, and what that means for the relationship you have with your wholeness

  • How to stop using your body as a means to an outcome, and how to access the greater wisdom of your body, instead of living ‘neck up’.

  • How mothers specifically can begin to reconnect with their divine feminine

  • How to know when to ‘stay’ and be with yourself, vs. when to seek the support needed to go deeper and unpack your past

  • Boundaries, learning through pleasure and letting go of maternal lineage with a deeper connection to your power.

Listen here via iTunes or via the player below.

Be sure to listen right to the end where Emily shares the most perfect channelled wisdom that left me in so much gratitude. You can access the playlist Emily mentions here, as well as find information about her cacao ceremonies, Intentional AF Masterclass and Sacred Retreat via her website spiritedseeker.com. Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well @spiritedseeker.

Whatever is empty, grace will fill.

- A Course in Miracles

Tara Caetano