Creating Space For Your Emotions With Lotus Fire

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I truly believe that if everyone knew how to move emotions through their body in the way Lotus shares in this episode, the world would be an incredibly different place.

Which is why I just had to have her on the podcast today to share her story and gift you some practical tips to start working with your emotions as they exist in your body right now, and feel like a whole new woman in the process.

Lotus Fire is a full spectrum dynamo doula working with the understanding that birth includes rebirth and postpartum is forever. She has unraveled and cracked wide open way too many times to count which has given her the gift of deep connection to herself, her friends and the world around us. Her work centres trauma healing and radical safe space. She brings out her witch skills and unique process oriented experiential healing whether you’re just beginning the journey into motherhood or you’ve been on the ride for years. Lotus is a feeler of feels, a lover of the darkness and she shows up to heal her own complex trauma, moment to moment. 

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