How To Free Yourself From A Victim Mindset with Amber Hawken

Is it possible to instantly free yourself from mum guilt?

Is there a way that you can move through fear (whether it’s fear of starting a business, sending your child to daycare or finding your voice) in a truly powerful way that sees you stepping out of victimhood every day and owning your choices?

According to my amazing friend and this week’s podcast guest, Amber Hawken, the answer is a big fat YES! And it’s so much more simple and accessible to you than you’ve ever realised.

Today I’m chatting with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Amber Hawken, about my favourite subject in the whole world - empowerment. And how as mothers, we get to bring a whole new level of responsibility and awareness to what life feels like at our centre, so we can navigate every single part of this human experience with a whole lot more freedom and fulfilment.

I work with Amber within her businesses and have such deep admiration and respect for the way she can breakdown some of the really heavy and complex parts of life and completely shift the way our minds relate to them. She speaks straight to the hearts of mothers in this interview which I’m so grateful for, and I have no doubt you’re going to leave this episode feeling so much more capable and empowered to handle whatever is real for you right now.

We talk about:

  • What sits at the core of all our pain and suffering

  • How to acknowledge and be present for our emotions AND consciously move past them

  • What is often sitting at the heart of mum guilt and how to move through it

  • Why you don’t need to know WHY you feel how you feel, and how to ask yourself empowering questions

  • The universal fear we all have of ‘I’m not good enough’ and how this inner victim mentality helps us fulfil our spiritual purpose

  • The power of unconditional love in helping us reclaim our power

  • Finding your centre so you can navigate when you’re at ‘cause’ or at ‘effect’ of your life

  • Redefining freedom and the power of perspective

  • Why taking responsibility for everything and everyone in your life is feeding your inner victim

Listen here via iTunes or via the player below:


A bit about Amber:

Amber Hawken is a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist working with clients via her retreats, workshops, keynotes and one-on-one therapy around emotional, mental, and spiritual evolution and fulfilment. Amber is also the founder of Calm Mind Project, an initiative that's infusing mindfulness into schools across Australia, as well as serving businesses, parents and everyday people through the tools and techniques of mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness.

Connect with Amber:

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