My Personal Story: Why 'Power' Means So Much To Me

For some, Power is a dirty word. For someone like me, it's a coming home to the truth of who we are and accepting our responsibility to respond to and participate in the world around us.

In today's episode I give some insight into what Personal Power means to me, and how it has been the lens through which my whole entire life has been transformed - from my parent's divorce, right through to my experience of childbirth. 

I give you in an insight into my personal story, how my personal wounds were shaped and how I learnt to disengage from my power in order to keep myself from pain. I share in hindsight how I now know this to have played out in my own birthing experience with my son, and how my unique relationship to power - using my inner daughter as my guide - has expanded my capacity to love, lead, have hard conversations, advocate for others in a deeper way, and be a human being participating in this world by first accepting and honouring who I am as a human being.

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Tara Caetano