Reclaiming Our Humanity With Thais Sky

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To kick off season two of the podcast, I invited the incredible Thais Sky to come and have one of the most rich and hearty conversations I’ve had all year. We dive into the topics that have hit me right in the centre of my deepest unravellings this year - we talk about the worthiness wound within women, the ways we seek to control our lives and the world around us, how our patriarchal society affects the pace, priviledge and power dynamics of our lives, and all of the sneaky and subtle ways we avoid looking at our wounds in fear of being the victim we’ve been shamed into fearing. We speak to the complexity of what it means to be human - with limitations, potential and everything in between, and how we can ensure our boundaries don’t become barriers to what we really need the most - connection.

I feel so incredibly humbled and honoured to have had this conversations with Thais and I know you’re going to love it. Thais also has a couple of spots left in her upcoming course ‘Worthy Women Rise’, so please go ahead and tune into the podcast and be sure to connect with her using the links below to soak up more of her work.

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A bit about Thais:

Thais Sky is an esteemed life coach, international speaker, feminist and mindfulness teacher whose multifarious approach to self-development has transformed the lives of hundreds of women worldwide. Her journey began in the tending to her childhood trauma and has lead her to study emotional resilience, somatic therapy, social justice and spiritual psychology in search for sovereignty and healing.

She has spoken on stages around the world including at Microsoft, Lululemon, Boston University, Toastmasters Int., University of Southern California, and iHeartradio.

A soon-to-be-author and former consultant for the U.S. government, she received a prestigious first-class degree in Management and has since built a thriving business which was nominated for 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 award.

She holds certifications in coaching, NLP, yoga, women's leadership and business management and is currently back to school to receive a Master's in Clinical Psychology.

Thais coaches visionary entrepreneurs, creatives, and emerging leaders who are ready to dispel the pervasive, unrelenting sense of unworthiness taught to women from womb on how to explore, trust and express themselves unapologetically.

She takes a strong stand for the rise of ALL women and infuses her values of intersectionality, integrity, and radical authenticity into everything she does.

You can find her at just about everywhere on social media at @IamThaisSky.

You can connect further with Thais here:

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Worth Women Rise Program |

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