Reclaiming Your Anger As An Empowered Woman


As women, if we're seen as angry, we are immediately categorised by society as emotionally unstable, inconsistent, and quite frankly, unable to get our shit together.

Yet this anger, this fire in our belly, holds so much power and information for us if we choose to feel it and express it in a healthy way, and is often the missing link for women who are searching for deeper meaning, fulfilment and a relationship to life that really means something to them.

 In this episode I share:

  • my own story of suppressing anger, my voice and my truth as a child

  • how the masks I wore helped keep my 'anger' in check and the suffering that causes, and how anger is a vital piece in my empowerment as a woman today.

  • why we fear anger as an emotion and what has created that relationship

  • how anger can help you transition from trying to escape your pain and problems, to actively walking towards a clear and potent form of power that we don't even realise we haven't defined for ourselves. 

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Listen here via iTunes or via the player below:

Tara Caetano