Taking Back The Night With Bec Cameron

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Today's episode is a super real and raw look at how we relate to sexual assault, shame, speaking up about how safe women feel in Australia today, and how we can use our voices, our bodies and each other to reconnect with the strength and power we need to rise above it all.

Bec Cameron - Vulnerability Coach, PT and creator of the Bad Bitch Workouts in Melbourne - shares her own experience with sexual assault, her take on the process women embark on when navigating reporting and speaking about their experiences, and how to start taking our power back - physically, emotionally and mentally.

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A bit about Bec:

Bec Cameron is an Vulnerability Coach, based in Melbourne and working with women from all over the globe. A fighter, a visionary and a feminist, Bec is an advocate for human rights, social justice and personal power. Focusing on the impact of vulnerability and it’s potential to influence a woman’s confidence, Bec conducts 1:1 Coaching sessions, as well as group workouts (The Bad Bitch Workout), and is available for public speaking, workshops, podcasts and women’s self defense seminars. Known for her fearlessness, her humour (often self deprecating) and her ability to hold a crowd aged 5 to 85, Bec teaches how engage with your insecurities, reclassifying what makes you vulnerable as your very own superpower. Her work empowers women to take up space, renegotiate with their inner critic, embrace their ferocity, their anger and their inherent, unquestionable power, in order transform their sense of self and experience life changing emotional freedom.

You can connect with Bec here:

Website | https://www.beccameron.com

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/the_bec_cameron_coach/

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